Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Praise and Worship

Just as thankfulness opens doors for miracles, worship opens the doors of heaven for the real and palpable presence of God Himself.

Psalm 22:3 (KJV)

But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.

Our God, the One who called us to eternal salvation, The One who always has been, and always will be, The One who sent us the comforter in the Holy Spirit, The One who sacrificed His only Son, inhabits the praises of His people. He dwells and stays and hovers where there is praise.

Our fast is an act of praise and worship. Each hour we praise Him more for sustaining us. Each moment we realize just what a personal loving God He truly is. Each time the temptation of hunger or distraction or compromise hits…PRAISE HIS NAME! Turn up the worship music. Do a praise dance around the room. For The God of heaven and earth is there with you to strengthen you, to speak to you, to love on you. Offer Him an additional sacrifice of praise. Place your mind on worshipping Him in spirit and in truth. See if He will not show up mightily.

I know that day 3 is typically the strongest battle day with my dear body. That day will also be an incredible day of praise and worship! Crank up the music, make up your own song, sing your prayers of thanksgiving to the Lord, sing songs about the names of God…”Alpha and Omega”, “El Shaddai”, “Holy, Holy, Holy”. Lift up His name in worship. Lift up your act of praise and present your bodies a living sacrifice. It is our reasonable duty. It is our hope. It is our power from the Holy Spirit. And He alone is worthy. There is strength in His Name.  There is joy in His presence.

In all spiritual battles we face, praise and worship are key.  Why would we not want our Lord as close to us as possible when we face the enemy?  Why would we not praise Him before the battles end knowing He is victorious in all things.  He alone is worthy. Praise and worship and honor and glory belong to Him.  I am humbled to be His and be able to come before Him in praise.

Another great source of encouragement and teaching on fasting is www.jentezenfranklin.org.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fasting Begins...Give Him Thanks!

Here is praying that you are feeling thankful this morning. Thankful that the Lord called you to this very special time with Him to begin the new year. Thankful that we serve a God who speaks to us, loves us, and cares for us.

He cares for us so much that I want you to know that He beat us to this day. You see, God sees the intent of our hearts. So as you began preparing for today to start the fast, our Loving Father began answering. Aren’t you glad we serve a God who does not have to see our completed obedience before it moves Him to act in our lives. Even with our own children, does it not spur you to action as you see your children beginning to turn from disobedience, their hearts soften to correction, their desires to be to live in obedience. Our Father loves us even more, and is acting in our lives from the moment our hearts turn to Him. Do you really think that the act of salvation only takes place at the altar? I believe that salvation takes place and it is the love and measure of faith that God alone gives that even helps us take that first step out of our pews.

Today, we are taking that first step in fasting. Our hearts have already heard Him calling to us. Our spirits have aligned with Him in obedience of following through with the fast He calls us to. He is already at work. He arrived at this time of fasting before we did. He issued the call to join Him here.

Spend today thanking Him. Thanksgiving precedes the miraculous.

Micah 2:13 HCSB
One who breaks open the way
will advance before them;
they will break out, pass through the gate,
and leave by it.
Their King will pass through before them,
the LORD as their leader.

Here's another great fasting resource from Campus Crusade for Christ...