Thursday, October 17, 2013

Whatever you do...

A recent Facebook post impacted my life afresh this morning in a way I never imagined.

Here is that post:

I showed what I had posted about our little adventure to my daughter and after reading it and laughing that her mom would put it on Facebook, she looked at me completely seriously and asked the million dollar question... "Mom, what does this have to do with Ministry?"

As I tried to explain to her that ministry is not just standing up in front of people teaching or preaching the Word of God, or walking alongside someone as they place their trust in Christ for the first time, it is meeting needs, helping others, so many different ways and avenues of ministry in our lives. Then it happened, the words came gushing into my heart and out of my mouth ... ministry is pouring our lives out for others.

Not profound, not new, not anything I hadn't known before, but so timely and just what God needed me to hear.  Pouring myself out for others.  Not receiving 'at-a-girls.  Not things going my way.  Not things looking like I thought they should.  Not worrying about the nay-sayers, and can I just call it like it is, the haters.  Not looking ahead.  Not looking behind.  Not the crowds, or the lack there of.  Simply, earnestly, whole-heartedly pouring my life out for others.  No regrets.  No rewards.  No questions.

God places so many opportunities for ministry in our paths each and every day, and the trick is not to miss them.  I know I have missed my share being too busy or too focused on one thing or another.  Ministry is life lived intentionally meeting others needs whether physical, emotional, or praise the Lord when it is Spiritual.  We all have ministry to do.  We all have people around us who need a touch of Christ in their lives, and He has us in their paths to provide just that.

"Whatever you do in word of in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." Colossians 3:17

Whatever you do...all you turning recognition needed ... pour yourself out for others. Ministry. I want this life.

 Thank You Lord for providing me a much needed reminder.  Amen.