Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Moment's Rest

A Moments Rest

“’Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

Some of you are wondering what in the world that could possibly be about. It has been so long since you were by yourself, in a quiet place, or even considering getting some rest that it seems like a foreign concept to you.

We have let our society tell us that if we are not going, doing, chauffeuring, tending to, nurturing, working, educating, cleaning, etc., that we are of less value. According to the scripture quite the opposite is true.

Even the Lord knew that if He was to have anything to give to the people around Him, He was going to have to let God pour something in. He desperately needed to be in communion with His Father in order to have the strength to perform His day to day duties, and even more so, His miracles.

How much more so do we?

OK, so maybe we are not running around town performing miracles, but God does wish to use us to bring blessing to others around us. In order to do that, we have to have something to give them, besides ourselves.

Take Mary and Martha in scripture. Martha was busy doing, Mary was busy resting at the feet of Jesus. (Luke 10:38-42) Both are needful, but Mary’s priority was letting her well fill up. How did it help? In Mark 14: 3-9, Mary was the lady who broke the alabaster box and anointed Jesus’ head as a sign of belief in who He was. Where did she get the boldness to serve her master in that manner? Where did the benevolence for such an expensive gesture, or the true belief and faith in Him come from? From sitting at His feet earlier, taking that moment’s rest, and allowing Him to pour into her heart and spirit the ability to do what she had before her later.

Allow God a moment in your life. Rest in Him for just a bit.

Get alone now and then with The One Who Knows Your Name.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Personal God We Serve

I do not think I will ever truly comprehend the love or the care that our Lord Jesus Christ showers over us.  I know that we see Him show up corporately in worship, and that He leads and guides, and that the Bible says that even if it was just for ME that He would still have died for MY sins, but how to process that in the limited mental capabilities we have this side of Glory is beyond me. 

He is famous for it.  Examples? I have many, but two come to mind.  First, when we have gone to a Beth Moore conference in San Antonio, or the Deeper Still conference in Oklahoma City...10,000 women in that building.  All praising the Lord.  All listening to the same speaker(s).  All hearing the same spoken words.  But the Spirit of the Lord is able to whisper individual Words to each of the women there.  Individually.  Different.  Loving. Confirming.  Prophetic. Replies.  Whatever their need is to hear a Word from the Lord.  Then a weekend like this last one.  SBTC Women's Ministry Leadership Forum.  All different classes and topics, one main speaker, Cindy Wood, but more importantly, One, THE ONE AND ONLY, Lord, Who took what the ladies were saying, and confirmed things in my life from several different areas.  One lady stood and gave a message...the same message the Lord had helped me finish that VERY morning for an upcoming retreat.  Did you hear me...the SAME message...the same 3 scripture passages...the same topic, the same message!!!  I could only sit, with my jaw dropped, and cry.  Then in other classes, He spoke confirming our ministry ideals and goals, my New Years resolution of Total Surrender, the theme for our conference, I can not even name them all. 

I do not tell you this to say, woowoo look at me.  Quite the opposite.  I was doubting things I knew He had spoken to me because of lack of vision of what He was  going to do with it, thinking I was doing it in my own strength possibly, and even due to some criticism from other sisters.  He knew I was seeking him.  He knew that the purpose of my fast was to hear a Word from Him, to draw closer to him, that I was desperate for Him.  AND HE LOVED ME ENOUGH TO SPEAK A VERY PERSONAL AND LOVING WORD TO ME IN THOSE TIMES.

Praise be to the Lord God Who loves us enough to be intimately involved in our everyday lives, that is, if we invite Him to be, look for Him to show up, and listen to Him when He speaks to us.

John 10:27

My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

Thank you Father for loving us so perfectly, personally, and precisely.

You alone are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.