Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Touch of the Master's Hand

I have been being treated for the last 10 months for what was believed to be a broken tailbone and a hip out of whack from a fall I took down our staircase last October.  On a side note, halfway up the staircase is not the best location for a lovely empty blue plastic Walmart sack.  Just saying.  Anyway, after that fall I could only describe the pain as what I felt was like a broken tailbone which I had had as a teenager which was also causing pain in my hip and all the way up my back into my neck.  I went to a chiropractor and was treated for several months without much relief.

This last week a friend talked me into going to her chiropractor.  He began with x-rays, which the other didn't do, and determined the cause of my pain.  There was no broken tailbone or a hip out of whack.  I had 2 vertebra out of place in my neck and the very bottom one as well looking as if it was pinching a nerve and possibly a disc.  TOTALLY different course of treatment.  Treated me one time, and I felt all the muscles in my back release like they have not done in months.

I am not writing this as a slam on any chiropractor, or as a sales ad for any other one.  I am not going to say one man is better than another or that this new chiropractor is the end-all, cure-all. What I am going to say is that it just was a very real and very personal reminder of how the Lord desires I live my life.

Here's the bottom line.  We all have lots of people in our lives.  Some of them are great people, people who know their stuff.  People who know the Word and live by it.  People who desire the best for us, and who give their input towards that end.  All of this is fine, and Godly counsel is wise, but our lives lived in the palm of the Hand of the Creator is the best plan.  One touch of the Masters hand and our lives line out just like my neck did.  I know to run to Him.  I know how much he cares.  I still get mired down occasionally by the voices of others and their desired influence on my life.  Take Job.  I do not think at all his 3 friends meant harm or hurt to him.  They simply didn't know what God knew.  Job had to wait on the hand of the Master, and that hand provided all he ever needed.  Sometimes, the Holy Spirit touches our lives and directs our steps in ways that make no sense to us, we just know its right.  The problem is that the Holy Spirit does not always make the rounds to all of our "peeps" and let them in on what He has told us.  The challenge is to lay ourselves in the hands of the Master, and follow after Him, with or without the direction of others.

One touch of the Master's hand heals.  It brings provision.  It brings clarity of purpose.  One touch can change the course of a life gone astray.  One touch can anoint.  One touch can bring life to dead marriages.  One touch can set churches on fire.  One touch can and will change your life forever.

Will you go to the Master today and ask and allow Him to touch your life?  I hope so.  You'll never go back.