Thursday, October 11, 2012

Freedom in Truth

Connie McCrary
Psalms 51 Ministries

A couple of months ago I was asked to write a devotional for a 40 day prayer guide leading up to the election. I was give 1 Corinthians 13 and Galatians 5 as the passages to use. Did not know day of order it would fall in (15) nor that it would fall on this day of Vice-Presidential debates.  As Christians we are given an authority to stand firm on truth while clothed in humility. 
The Love Chapter and the Chapter on Freedom and the Fruit of the Spirit.  We know both of them.  We have read them in part or in whole a hundred times over.  We can apply them in many different ways, but what on earth do they have to do with praying for an election and our country? Everything. These two chapters in scripture show us just exactly how Your presence is to be made real and lived out here on earth.   How can we spout religion and not show love, patience, kindness and truth in our relationships with others, even those we don’t agree with?  How can we claim to have all the answers for the times when we don’t walk in the truth of God’s Spirit in other areas? Do we really think the louder and more dogmatic we declare our opinions the more others will accept them?  Lord, please let us speak in truth and love. Burden our hearts to cry out to You for these characteristics in ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and our candidates. Show us that walking in the freedom of Your love makes us able to disagree and still be kind and non-boasting. Show us how to stand for truth in ways that are gentle, self-controlled, and patient. Remind us that we are standing in a place of freedom, a hope and a liberty so many around us do not have and cannot understand. Give our leaders the desire and anointing to walk in the spirit in truth, integrity, and unity.  Remind us that only through You and Your working love, freedom and truth in our lives will our nation ever truly be changed and will our people ever be motivated by grace to live in Your amazing purpose. Grant us these things Lord so that we lead others to Your freedom.